Crimson drop

I’ve been locked away for so long. Locked in the darkness of my mind, in the thoughts I keep to myself and only myself, but who would’ve guessed that you’d free me? Who’d thought you’d help me be at ease? It is funny how pain can make you feel at ease. People say I am sick, they think I need a doctor, but they don’t understand. They can’t. How could they ever understand? They weren’t through what I’ve been through. They were never hurt the way I was, they never cried themselves to sleep like I did. Or did they? There is nobody out there for me. There’ll never be anybody…The crimson specks now flow freely down my wrist onto the cold floor of the bathroom. They are yelling. They are screaming but the door is locked. It falls. It clicks and I go deaf. The blade is on the floor next to the pooling metallic puddle. I stare at it long and hard.

I am not worth it.

You are.

I don’t deserve anything.

You do.

I need no help.

Take my hand.

Take it.


Let me be here for you, let me see you, let me touch you, let me ease your wounds’ pain. Let me see what you see, let me feel what you feel. Let me heal you.

It is too late, I fainted.


2 thoughts on “Crimson drop

  1. Seriously what made u think there is no way out 😟 i dont know what you’ve been though how much pain u faced mentally how hard it was I accept I dont know how it was how u felt but just try to remember this time heals everything .life is not full of depression .time give chance for happiness too . If this was a fiction just chuck my advice .


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