A slave to Earth-Poem


Is it over? Are you happy?

Of the sins committed…so many

Pry your eyes and take a look

Look how many you just shook

Tears are shed; are you crying?

Self pity? Keep denying

But it’s you who’s at fault


But you stay, to my dismay…

We both know it’s child’s play

You’re a child of the deity

Afraid of society

Just a child with a gun

Scared not to run,

Not to seem afraid

Of war’s deadly blade

There is no shame

This is not a game

Once is a bullet’s graze

Second comes the longing haze

As you close your eyes,

 And listen to their cries,

The war is over

Here’s the prize

You cannot see out of the grave

Because you’re still a slave

A slave who took their lives

A child who played with knives


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