Mama, …is it true?

That you’re an angel from above?

Because every time you seem to speak to speak,

My mind just goes numb

As you shove the love,

And pull the glove,

Slapping me across the face.

You leave a bruise and then a mark.

Leaving me unfazed,

A dazed expression

A forceful kick

Mommy, aren’t you sick of the same old shtick?

I know I’ve been for quite some time,

Maybe since I’ve been born…

I know I have been torn, just made to mourn

But yet again mom

I’m here to ask

“Who is it that hurt you?”

“Who made you that mask?”

Was it he, your feared father?

Or was it she, you dear mother?

All the pieces of the puzzle; they finally collide

And tell me, dear mother

A story, unspoken

Of a girl that once was heartbroken

Note: This is my very 1st poem on this site, yay! Also, if you ever read M.H.A and find any type of mistakes please let me know. Thank you very much!


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