A second

She’d imagined this moment this moment so many times, but she never expected it to happen so soon. The gentle breeze of summer blew her golden locks, exposing her angelic features. He looked at her and raised his thumb to caress over her plump lips only to be stopped by a loud scream.


A voice all too familiar to both of them; and the moment it was heard, it seemed as if the entire clearing in the enchanting forest had been silenced. The gentle breeze became harsh, the crickets and small birds stopped their sweet melody and the once glorious sight became gory. She stood, frozen in place, next to the love of her life just staring at the third person. The woman who shrieked was wheezing and mumbling curses towards them. Fumbling around her long, red dress she took out a little box. The man held onto the blonde girl, in a protective manner, as realization took over him. The contents of the box held danger. He tried speaking sense to the other woman, tried to make her change her jealousy filled mind, but she didn’t listen. His now ex-lover didn’t listen. She just watched the couple with a pained expression plastered across her features. Before mouthing a goodbye and forever silencing herself. The golden haired girl just stood, mortified in the middle of the field staring at the bloody corpse of her love of her life’s wife. Was it worth it? She thought. Was this lie worth another person’s life? She knew that she had been a sinner and that he was a cheater but she couldn’t help the unnerving emotion in her gut that told her to kiss him the night his wife was away. Was this going to be her fate too? Dying due to love? A vociferous sound stopped her train of thought, thunder. Rain began to pour from above, washing away the blood stains from the grass. She looked at the dagger that was deeply impaled into the other woman’s heart, slowly wrapping her fingers around it and with innate strength she pulled it out with ease. The man just stared blankly at the crime scene before, taking in the sight of the dagger and its’ new owner. Turning around, she gripped the dagger tightly before raising it up above her hand. Her shoulders tense and her mouth quivering, she looked up before taking away another life. The droplets of rain slowed down and the sun poked out between the clouds again.


It shone brightly on a scene, so gruesome, that even the bravest would shed a tear. Two bodies lay beneath the tall grass, a man and a woman, both once lovers and both killed by the same reason, jealousy.


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