I am aware of the world

I’m aware of it all

You just think me, think me small

But one day, I’ll grow up big

And break you, like a twig

I’ll show you and your taunting friends

This is how the story ends

I’ll fight your hatred

And you’ll see how I waited

To say it all, to yell away

To hear you cry, to hear you pray

To beg for mercy…

Wow what a controversy!

I look at you, my eyes keep searching

My breaths uneven, my pace is lurching

Is this who I really am?

Is this whom I’d become?

A monster seeking revenge

Just somebody to avenge…

Is this who I really am?

A crazed man looking for relief?

It is quite brief

But I feel it inside

A piece of me slowly died

Crumbling away, right before my eyes

I can hear my own cries

As they torment my soul.

My eyes seem to water

It had been manslaughter

The mirror beside the crime scene

Shows a face, unknown

As I stare upon the reflection

Into a pair of dead orbs that once belonged to me

I look again and blink as I count to three

Once again I wonder “Is that really me?”


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