One word, so many feelings. Have you ever thought about Spring? About the season of life, of rebirth, of a new start; of course you haven’t. Let me, a nobody, take you through the word, the season, Spring.


When you say ‘Spring’ what do you think about? Well, when I close my eyes, I can picture a clearing, the tall green, morning dew covered grass dancing along the slow rhythmic waves of the slightly chilly wind. I see teal coloured butterflies slowly waking up from their nightmarish slumber that held them captive for too long, oh how I missed their dazzling range of colours. I see trees in full bloom, their once empty branches are now, once again, covered in green leaves and buds. The entire valley is showered in flower petals from various cherry trees. Ah, yes, the cherry trees. Their beauty bewitches anyone, their colour, that specific pink, a combination of blush and maybe magenta is decorating these astounding trees. I can also, smell the sweet and enamoring scent of Spring. It hits you all at once. The wet, musky and earthy smell combined with hints of sweet and freshly cut grass. Glancing up at the sky, my eyes stay focused on the clear, cloudless blue. The warmth I missed so much is now back, caressing my skin with its light touches. The Sun’s rays illuminate the entire scene, creating a serene atmosphere. Chirping, the melody of humming birds echoes through, I find it somehow…morose and dreadful yet so calming…so lulling.


I can see, I can smell, I can hear, I can feel Spring. I can feel the life buzzing all around, nature waking up from its  long winter nap. I hope you grasped the main meaning of this enchanting season, but if you haven’t, just go outside and take a look yourself.


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