Yoko [M.H.A] aftermath

This is just a preview of what’s coming; still I don’t know if I should post it in chapters or one big story like I did with M.H.A, I’ll think about it. For now I hope you enjoy! 

Time, an illusion for all I know. You’re barely an infant, then suddenly you’re a child, learning the basics of life: speech, walking and you develop a certain curiosity. To know why the butterfly you saw earlier had blue wings and not purple ones, why was it scared? Why did it avoid my touch? Was that just me…I wonder…? My name is Yoko, I, currently am a fifteen year old teenager that lives in a small, cozy house I dare call home. I live with a man I’ve known since ever. He told me my mother and father died a long long time ago and that they had left me in his care. Where I live, affection is not easily shown but still he managed to give me the slightest hints that he does indeed care, or maybe I’m just blind. Who knows…? Pats on the head for good grades, crude jokes and small smiles. I consider him my father. I’ve always considered Alexander Westbay my father, although I had an eerie feeling towards the truth behind his words. He never told me anything about my mother or father, besides the fact that they were both dead. This feeling of dread and uncertainty returns every time I stand in front of a mirror. I stare at my reflection and contemplate. I look at my dark chestnut coloured locks that cover my face, my thin lips and small nose, at my pale skin that brings out my eyes. My crimson, blood-coloured eyes. I know I am not normal and I will find out why. One way or another, no matter what it takes.


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